Car Idling, Air Pollution and Carbon Emissions

Q: Aren’t big trucks and buses the biggest cause of pollution?
A: From our 2.5 year statistical study, passenger cars are the biggest category, representing approximately 50% of our 1,800 encounters.

Five Year Statistics:

  • 2,946 encounters
  • 9% female
  • 91% male
  • Unsuccessful 21% of the time but successful 79% of the time… and by success, the violator shut off their engine
  • 57% were Caucasian
  • 43% knew of the law but idled anyway
  • 43% were between the ages of 35 and 50
  • 16% were limos, 19% vans, 43% Sedans, 22 trucks & buses

Q: In all of your encounters, how many times have you been cursed at… or felt endangered?
A: Out of 1,800 encounters, I have been cursed at only a handful of times. I have almost never felt endangered…even at times approaching people at night. But I do use common sense and avoid obvious inflammatory situations.

Q: Why do you keep a statistical Excel spread sheet?
A: I wanted to be certain of my findings when those findings were ultimately presented to non profit organizations for support, to governmental officials when seeking law changes and funding sources when approaching backers for the documentary film

Q: Can I get a copy of all the statisics?
A: Yes, please contact us to obtain a copy. Since a tremendous amount of effort has gone into collating the data, we ask for a donation to help us fund the cause, POA.

Q: What got you involved in this anti idling campaign in the first place? What was your motivation?
A: Sometime after the election of 2004, it was clear that we were mired in yet another war over oil. This war was based on false pretenses. I saw my fellow New Yorkers wasting the very oil resource which propelled us into war. Though I protested the Vietnam War, I felt I never protested enough. I was not going to let yet another war come and go without a vigorous and individual demonstration and rejection of war. Asking people to stop idling their engines represented that notion of protest.