I use the NYC subway each day to and from work. I hop on at 72nd Street and Broadway and hop off at Wall Street. I used the RED line.

Several years ago, NY Transit installed 'emergency' exits at many of their stations. With a simple push on a lever, the emergency door opens and subway customers can leave the station, without going through the turnstiles.

The problem is ...this practice is abused and people push through these exits... without an emergency... AND AN ALARM SIREN GOES OFF.

The alarm is loud and irritating. It's a chronic problem.

Last weekend, I had had enough. I went to the fare booth and asked the attendant for the name of the station supervisor and his phone number. My calling began on Monday. It took half a dozen attempts but ultimately, on Wednesday, I reached Supervisor Langhorne located at Penn Station.

I made formal complaint. Mr. Langhorne said he would have the noise level of the alarm reduced significantly within two days.

That night on my way home, I reached the 72nd street station by 6:30. There were two workmen near the exit door. One was on a ladder, tweaking a mechanical device over the emergency exit door. The man below opened and closed the door several times. The alarm sound was now barely audible.

Thank you Mr. Langhorne.

Note: If you can initiate constructive change in NYC... you can do it anywhere.