Go Green Brooklyn - October 10, 2019
By Lael Goodman, North Brookyn Neighbors (edited by Go Green BK Team)

Idling truck

Wanna become an eco-whistleblower? And make some money while doing some good?

North Brooklynites have a new tool at their disposal to deal with air pollution. Under local law 717-A, when citizens document and submit truck or bus idling violations through the Department of Environmental Protection, they are eligible to receive 25% of any imposed fine.

Idling sign

In most cases, it is illegal for commercial trucks, vans and passenger buses in New York City to idle for more than three minutes. Last week, North Brooklyn Neighbors held a training to teach residents how to report idling trucks and buses.

Idling workshop 4 768x576

More than 30 North Brooklynites became “Idle Warriors”, learning how to combat vehicle idling and get paid for it. Anti-idling experts, George Pakenham and Tevin Grant, shared how the citizen complaint component of the anti-idling law was developed, explained the reporting process, and offered tips and best practices for filing successful complaints. Both George and Tevin have received thousands of dollars from the fines imposed on violators. Loving this!

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Learn how to earn your big bucks by reporting idling vehicles!